Summer 2014: Colour Trends for kids

When you want your little boy or girl to be fashionable, it’s great to dress them in the latest colour trends for kids this summer 2014! Your little one will brim with self-confidence at being part of the latest fashion colour trend! Plus, they will look great when you go out for family outings. Here are the latest colour trends for kids this summer.

Boys’Colour Trends for summer

For boys, the khaki shade is totally in style. Whether it’s the colour of their shorts, vest or tee, it’s an absolute must-have for his wardrobe for the summer of 2014. Another great shade is light blue, which instantly brightens up his outfit.

Think beyond jeans too as the sky blue shade can looks great on a T-shirt or even on his shoes.One adorable blue outfit for him is the Agatha 2 Piece Set of Shorts & T-Shirt from MasielBebe. It has a fun t-shirt with horizontal stripes and a star design in the center that he loves! Pair the shirt with the blue shorts that come with it, and you get a pure cotton outfit that is perfect for him. The lightweight clothes keep him cool as he plays, without having to sacrifice on fashion!

Girls’ Colour Trends in summer 2014

A great girls’ colour trend, this summer, is toward shades commonly found in nature, such as forest green and the sky blue shade that is also popular for boys. The rich greens are great incorporated into the designs of your little one’s cute dresses or for her hat that protects her head from the sun’s UV rays.

Both the blues and greens pair well with soft mauve, which is also on trend for girls this year. And, don’t forget about turquoise, which shines brightly in her outfit and makes her smile with its cheerfulness. A great shopping find is the Turquoise Agatha Skirt with Fucshia Heart on the Reverse. Its hem is just above the knee, and it is made of a cotton blend with a bit of stretch in it for comfortable wear all day – plus, it’s an adorable style with a heart on the back!

With the summer season comes great colour trends, such as the ones listed above. Get your kids clothed today in the latest trends for summer 2014!

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