Masiel Bebe Moves and Announces a Boutique Expansion!

Masiel Bebe is pleased to announce our boutique expansion officially. After a successful move in the summer, we are now settled into an easy-to-find location in at 56 Abbey Gardens, next to Violet Hill Gardens.

Our new shop is only one mile away from the old location – so you won’t have to travel far! We still carry the top-quality children’s wear that you know us to have, and now we have even more selection. The move went smoothly during July and August; now we are open and ready to help you!

Our new store is three times the size of the previous establishment, so we have a lot more space for your favourite kids and baby brands in Spanish-inspired styles. Popular designers that we carry including Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Fogue, and Tutto Piccolo. We now have wider selection than before and can offer more competitive prices to you too!

Our team is very excited about the boutique at Abbey Gardens and invite you to visit us at this new location. Browse our selection of Spanish clothing for boys and girls, from newborns all the way up to children who are ten years of age. We look forward to showing you the beautiful collections!

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