Masiel Bebe is pleased to announce our boutique expansion officially. After a successful move in the summer, we are now settled into an easy-to-find location in at 56 Abbey Gardens, next to Violet Hill Gardens. Our new shop is only one mile away from the old location – so you won’t have to travel far! […]

When you want your little boy or girl to be fashionable, it’s great to dress them in the latest colour trends for kids this summer 2014! Your little one will brim with self-confidence at being part of the latest fashion colour trend! Plus, they will look great when you go out for family outings. Here […]

Get creative with your little girls’ wardrobe this summer! When you provide her with fun clothing options, she is more likely to be excited about getting dressed in the mornings and radiate self-confidence. Here are 5 ways to liven up your girls’ wardrobe for summertime: Rainbow Theme– When the sun shines in summer, everything outside […]

When you think of a Spanish summer, you will probably think about the sun and the beaches. Spain has the ideal weather for summer holidays. This means that they have also made the perfect clothes for children to enjoy the hot weather. If you have a child, then you will know just how important it […]

In a world where many people only buy with ethics in mind, having a clothing company for your child with the same standards is important for a number of reasons. Fortunately, as the number of baby boutique UK stores is on the increase, the amount of stores in this field is also rising. Here, we […]