Masiel Bebe Moves and Announces a Boutique Expansion!

Masiel Bebe is pleased to announce our boutique expansion officially. After a successful move in the summer, we are now settled into an easy-to-find location in at 56 Abbey Gardens, next to Violet Hill Gardens.

Our new shop is only one mile away from the old location – so you won’t have to travel far! We still carry the top-quality children’s wear that you know us to have, and now we have even more selection. The move went smoothly during July and August; now we are open and ready to help you!

Our new store is three times the size of the previous establishment, so we have a lot more space for your favourite kids and baby brands in Spanish-inspired styles. Popular designers that we carry including Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Fogue, and Tutto Piccolo. We now have wider selection than before and can offer more competitive prices to you too!

Our team is very excited about the boutique at Abbey Gardens and invite you to visit us at this new location. Browse our selection of Spanish clothing for boys and girls, from newborns all the way up to children who are ten years of age. We look forward to showing you the beautiful collections!

Summer 2014: Colour Trends for kids

When you want your little boy or girl to be fashionable, it’s great to dress them in the latest colour trends for kids this summer 2014! Your little one will brim with self-confidence at being part of the latest fashion colour trend! Plus, they will look great when you go out for family outings. Here are the latest colour trends for kids this summer.

Boys’Colour Trends for summer

For boys, the khaki shade is totally in style. Whether it’s the colour of their shorts, vest or tee, it’s an absolute must-have for his wardrobe for the summer of 2014. Another great shade is light blue, which instantly brightens up his outfit.

Think beyond jeans too as the sky blue shade can looks great on a T-shirt or even on his shoes.One adorable blue outfit for him is the Agatha 2 Piece Set of Shorts & T-Shirt from MasielBebe. It has a fun t-shirt with horizontal stripes and a star design in the center that he loves! Pair the shirt with the blue shorts that come with it, and you get a pure cotton outfit that is perfect for him. The lightweight clothes keep him cool as he plays, without having to sacrifice on fashion!

Girls’ Colour Trends in summer 2014

A great girls’ colour trend, this summer, is toward shades commonly found in nature, such as forest green and the sky blue shade that is also popular for boys. The rich greens are great incorporated into the designs of your little one’s cute dresses or for her hat that protects her head from the sun’s UV rays.

Both the blues and greens pair well with soft mauve, which is also on trend for girls this year. And, don’t forget about turquoise, which shines brightly in her outfit and makes her smile with its cheerfulness. A great shopping find is the Turquoise Agatha Skirt with Fucshia Heart on the Reverse. Its hem is just above the knee, and it is made of a cotton blend with a bit of stretch in it for comfortable wear all day – plus, it’s an adorable style with a heart on the back!

With the summer season comes great colour trends, such as the ones listed above. Get your kids clothed today in the latest trends for summer 2014!

5 Creative Ways to Liven up Your Girls’ Wardrobe This Summer

Get creative with your little girls’ wardrobe this summer! When you provide her with fun clothing options, she is more likely to be excited about getting dressed in the mornings and radiate self-confidence.
Here are 5 ways to liven up your girls’ wardrobe for summertime:

Rainbow Theme– When the sun shines in summer, everything outside looks so cheerful. Why not dress her cheerfully as well in a range of colours that imitate the rainbow! Suggest she dress herself, with your help, and watch her have fun picking out one colour for the shirt, another for the pants, and more colours for her coat and shoes. She’ll be giggling all the way to the front door.
Hats – Great accessories like hats liven up her outfit and make it more fun for her to head out for the day in style. Try the Agatha Ruiz De La Prada white sunhat with navy polka dot rim for Spanish style that is cheery and playful in design. An added bonus is that the brim helps protects her face from the sun.
Matching Pieces – Choose outfits that come with matching pieces, such as a dress that has coordinated tights. She will adore being able to complete the outfit herself by putting on all the pieces. Once dressed, she will be proud that she put it on herself and that she coordinates clothes like a “big girl.”
Shoes – A fun way to liven up your girls’ wardrobe quickly is with shoes. Great styles this summer include patent leather Mary Jane shoes and ballerina flats. While black and white are always popular, why not try silver or plaid shoes as well? These colors add playfulness to her outfit,and she’ll love the girly touches.
Print T-Shirts – As it’s warm out, your girls’ summer wardrobe needs t-shirts that keep her comfy and cool while playing outside. Choose tees that have adorable prints such as large, bold hearts or sweet treats. A great example is the FinaEjerique Girls White T-Shirt with Fushia Pink Cup Cake Detail. She will smile at the cute prints and be excited to show off her tees to her friends.

Making your girls’ wardrobe funthis summer is great way to get her more interested in self-care, increase her self-esteem and help her get more independent at dressing herself in the mornings. When fashion goes fun, there are lots of great benefits!

Why not consider Spanish children clothes for your children this summer?

When you think of a Spanish summer, you will probably think about the sun and the beaches. Spain has the ideal weather for summer holidays. This means that they have also made the perfect clothes for children to enjoy the hot weather.
If you have a child, then you will know just how important it is for them not only to be comfortable, but also for them to look good in the things that they are wearing for confidence more than anything. Spanish clothes have both factors well and truly sorted because of the climate. As it is often very sunny, it is vital that their summer clothes allow children to run around and play whilst keeping cool and protected from the sun.
In addition, you are likely to be surprised by the price on offer with Spanish clothing. Prices are very reasonable, and this means that you will be able to afford more than you might have expected. Although it may not have been something that you considered before, there is a chance that it could certainly be the right choice for you now. Your child is sure to be able to play happily wearing Spanish clothes this summer.

Ethical clothes shopping for your baby

In a world where many people only buy with ethics in mind, having a clothing company for your child with the same standards is important for a number of reasons. Fortunately, as the number of baby boutique UK stores is on the increase, the amount of stores in this field is also rising. Here, we will explore more about ethical shopping for your child.
As the baby clothes boutique generally offers higher-quality options than the larger children’s clothing chains, more of them are considered ethical. As you would expect, prices are higher than the mass generated options, but this is not a problem for some people when you bring ethics into the equation.
Furthermore, many people are now aware that when it comes to clothing if you buy cheap you buy twice. This is why there are an increasing number of people that are showing an interest in the baby boutique.
Shopping ethically is something that is becoming more popular by the day as there are continued tragedies in third-world countries in factories where the standards and wages are poor to say the least. With a large majority of the leading baby boutiques, the clothing is sourced, designed and manufactured in western countries by professionals on a respectable wage.
Of course, if you want to find out if a baby boutique is ethical because there is no information about it on their site, make sure you ask them because they will be happy to answer.

The Baby Boutique for the Modern Mum

As a modern mum, getting out to the shops on any given day is always going to be a struggle regardless of how far away you live from them. There are so many things to do on your list that shopping will be somewhere near the bottom. However, you will be more than aware that your child is growing every day so new clothing will be needed sporadically!
Well, if you do struggle to get out, make sure you explore an online specialist baby boutique like a baby Spanish clothes boutique. These fantastic stores offer you the chance to shop around for high-quality items without having to leave your home. Furthermore, as there is so much selection you will always be able to find something that you want to buy. The influx of fantastic boutiques has made this market interesting again.
One of the biggest benefits of shopping at a baby clothes boutique is that if the item does not fit, you may be able to return it for a refund or store credit (subject to the terms and conditions).
The pace of life is ever increasing. If you are a modern mum, and you have work and a child, finding the time to fit in a trip to the shops is sometimes like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This is why it is important you take the time to explore the large number of fantastic specialist baby boutique UK stores online.