5 Creative Ways to Liven up Your Girls’ Wardrobe This Summer

Get creative with your little girls’ wardrobe this summer! When you provide her with fun clothing options, she is more likely to be excited about getting dressed in the mornings and radiate self-confidence.
Here are 5 ways to liven up your girls’ wardrobe for summertime:

Rainbow Theme– When the sun shines in summer, everything outside looks so cheerful. Why not dress her cheerfully as well in a range of colours that imitate the rainbow! Suggest she dress herself, with your help, and watch her have fun picking out one colour for the shirt, another for the pants, and more colours for her coat and shoes. She’ll be giggling all the way to the front door.
Hats – Great accessories like hats liven up her outfit and make it more fun for her to head out for the day in style. Try the Agatha Ruiz De La Prada white sunhat with navy polka dot rim for Spanish style that is cheery and playful in design. An added bonus is that the brim helps protects her face from the sun.
Matching Pieces – Choose outfits that come with matching pieces, such as a dress that has coordinated tights. She will adore being able to complete the outfit herself by putting on all the pieces. Once dressed, she will be proud that she put it on herself and that she coordinates clothes like a “big girl.”
Shoes – A fun way to liven up your girls’ wardrobe quickly is with shoes. Great styles this summer include patent leather Mary Jane shoes and ballerina flats. While black and white are always popular, why not try silver or plaid shoes as well? These colors add playfulness to her outfit,and she’ll love the girly touches.
Print T-Shirts – As it’s warm out, your girls’ summer wardrobe needs t-shirts that keep her comfy and cool while playing outside. Choose tees that have adorable prints such as large, bold hearts or sweet treats. A great example is the FinaEjerique Girls White T-Shirt with Fushia Pink Cup Cake Detail. She will smile at the cute prints and be excited to show off her tees to her friends.

Making your girls’ wardrobe funthis summer is great way to get her more interested in self-care, increase her self-esteem and help her get more independent at dressing herself in the mornings. When fashion goes fun, there are lots of great benefits!

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